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We have  developed a range of self contained, electro-hydraulic linear actuators.

The actuator is a  self contained hydraulic system. comprising of a pump, hydraulic cylinder, and associated valves. The internal space within the actuator body serves to act as the fluid reservoir.

The electric motor is attached to one end of the actuator body and is connected to the pump via a flexible coupling. Movement of the hydraulic cylinder is achieved by starting the electric motor reversal of the motor causes the cylinder to move in the opposite direction​


​Download  and complete the specification form for the actuator you require. When completed email the form to sales@hydmechltd.com

The control of flow and pressure is incorporated into a purpose built manifold. The manifold  shown typically contains:-

A) Inlet Suction valves

B) Pressure Relief Valves

C) Flow Control Valves

D) Inlet Check valves

E) Load Control valves

Due to the wide variety of applications our actuators serve, their design and construction will vary, and as such, additional features may be incorporated to satisfy specific customer requirements. As such each actuator is designed for the intended, specific use. Actuators can be manufactured to comply with the requirements of all ATEX Directives. These include

Double/Single Acting or Regenerative Operation

Load Holding or Motion Control Capabilities

In-built Oil Heaters

Cylinder Position Indication

Internal Electrical Limit Switches

Fully Modulating, Closed Loop Electronic Control, for Damper Actuation

Actuators are ideally suited to a variety of applications some of which are listed below: -

• Conveyor Belt Ploughs

• Conveyor Belt Tensioning

• Belt Scrapers

• Railway Points

• Bifurcating Chutes

• Access Door Operation

• Penstock Valve Actuation

• Ball Valve Actuation

• Modulating Dampers

Actuators are designed to meet customer requirements and as such each actuator is designed for the intended, specific purpose. We have developed a complete range of actuators which cover the majority of applications encountered in industry. The table below provides details of Electric Motor Size, Maximum Thrust Extending & Retracting, Maximum Stroke length, and Operating Speed for the range of actuators that are currently available. Each size of Actuator can be adapted in line with the proposed application. A detailed data sheet is provided with each actuator supplied.