Test Your Skills

We have developed this short knowledge based test area which will test a hydraulic engineers basic knowledge levels, provide a review and scoring on current skills and where improvements via cpd can be attained.

Why have we developed this test?

This testing format was developed by Greg himself who has over 40 years of experience with site specific systems. Findings over the years have led to this test which gives details about current knowledge base and offers information about where improvements can be made through CDP. We have found that our CPD trainings often level up an engineer’s system knowledge so that they may be able to maintain and diagnose, locate, and rectify faults without the need to a callout being required.

This approach means that you can further equip staff with the additional skills and knowledge that will have a significant impact on reducing breakdowns and production downtime and improving system performance for your business.

Company Staff Testing

Use the link here to determine the knowledge base of your existing staff and in return we’ll send you a full report detailing where improvements can be made and offering you behind the scenes access to our latest training programmes.

Individual Engineer Testing

Use the link here to determine your own personal knowledge base. Once complete you’ll receive your very own personal report showing how you scored and where your knowledge can be increased. You may then want to use this to present to your employers to access our continued personal development online training programmes.