Training and CPD

Our site specific training options are designed for individuals wanting to further develop skills, companies requiring site wide engineer training and colleges and teaching institutions wanting to offer flexible continued personal development training programmes. We offer in-depth and expert led teaching and mentoring for all levels, and we provide a number of ways in which to receive our courses.

With training being a key factor in achieving control and continuous operation of fluid power systems. Our programmes enable staff members to install, maintain and diagnose faults in hydraulics and pneumatics systems.

Further Develop Your Engineering Skillset

If you’re an individual wanting to further develop your skillset for yourself and via your employer, then we have a programme which you can join. Using our online teaching portal, you’ll have access to the course for 12 months. You can work through each level of training which covers every aspect of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Online Course Contents

  • The basic principles upon which all hydraulic and pneumatics systems are based.
  • The ability to read hydraulic and pneumatic circuit diagram. and to be able to identify key components within the system.
  • Understand the operation and functions of components within the system.
    Undertake basic routine maintenance and monitor the performance of the system to identify potential problems and faults which could cause a failure of a component and the system become inoperative.
  • To quickly identify a fault within the system, rectify the problem, and make decisions which would prevent the fault reoccurring.

Site Specific System Training

We deliver site specific training both online and onsite to companies who want to offer continued personal development for their site engineers. Our in-depth personal training can be completed online at any time through our course portal, live at one of our online training webinars or onsite in person. Our programmes form a solid base for engineering staff to work from when dealing with maintenance and fault location of their system at their place of work.

This flexible approach to our course delivery means that you can further equip staff with the additional skills and knowledge that will have a significant impact on reducing breakdowns and production downtime and improving system performance for your business.

This flagship course covers just some of the following key areas:

  • Understanding the method of operation of the system.
  •  Providing the circuit diagram of the system.
  •  Component identification and location.
  • Following the flow through the circuit, which identifies theo peration of the components within system.
  • Fault diagnosis and rectification.

 If required, a site visit is included to examine the system for further discussion and clarification. 

An example of a site specific presentation can be seen. A copy of the presentation, with respect to the system being covered, is provided to the customer.

CPD (Continuous Personal Development)

For colleges and educational institutions, we offer flexible further training options for individuals CPD or group trainings for those completing a basics course. With discounted rates being offered for those who are going into apprenticeships or full time work placements which provide individuals with direct access to in-depth system training that may have otherwise taken years to develop. Our in-depth personal training can be completed online at any time through our course portal, live at one of our online training webinars or onsite in person.

Our Programme Covers:

  • Basic hydraulic principles, hydraulic components, construction, and operating principles
  • Hydraulic drawings and symbols
  • Hydraulic pumps and motors, design, and operating principles
  • Fluid contamination, filters, filtration, and fluid cleanliness standards
  • Valves and actuators
  • Safety considerations
  • Constructing simple systems

Watch an example of some of the content covered in our courses